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Line of business and services


Specific designs are elaborated for each customer in order to adapt ourselves to his needs and provide a proposal that meets his expectations. Apart from professional experience, Espace Blanc reaffirms, as a guarantee of customer satisfaction, its commitment not to allow additional and unexpected charges to the budget, but only what the customer needs.

We carry out the complete project management, procedures and works, under our security conditions and advanced payments of own and external costs. During project development, the contact between technicians and customer is the best guarantee of satisfaction and optimization of time and effort. New communication technologies are used to ensure a direct and fast communication with our clients.


According to the field and the geological and topographical conditions, we develop the optimum solution.

As to services of general interest, local, regional or state, we contact the different administrations which must make the decision of approving or rejecting the building works and, in case of approval, they must decide how to carry them out.

On the other hand, at the regional level, any construction must respect each city planning, for example, we cannot build in the protected areas.


We do all kinds of housing rehabilitation to improve your house conditions and space conditioning. We have worked on many different projects such as structural damages repairs, stairs renewal, exterior railings, aluminum woodwork and carpentry, electric installations, among other things.

We are in charge of all the new installations in ancient buildings without damaging the original architectural elements. We recover and restore soils with hydraulic pavement, wall molding, brick walls, door molding…

We work to achieve an appearance where traditional elements meet modern.


The rehabilitation of buildings with historic value and the restoration of monuments is a remarkable activity which requires a high level of expertise at the use of suitable materials and that is why we have the best professionals for this purpose.

Another important activity regarding the ornamental restoration of singular buildings is the reconstruction of shapes and volumes that were lost in time. It requires a skilled labor to rebuild the lost volumes in a reliable manner so that we can make silicone-based negative molds to build the number of pieces required in case the shape is repetitive.

Neighbors’ Communities Services

  • Breakdown service: we specialize in all types of troubleshooting and installations, electrical installations, glasswork, carpentry, we also work with aluminum, iron. All works are guaranteed, quality and timeliness.

  • Parking and pedestrian access zones cleaning: surface cleaning, replacement of bins, entrance ramps and pedestrian area cleaning, quarterly warewashing machine cleaning, replacement of burnt lights, driven doors maintenance, bilge pump maintenance…

  • Pool maintenance and cleaning: the maintenance of the water of a pool is essential to ensure the optimal hygiene and health conditions for the users of the installation and that is why we carry on the required treatments to ensure your pool is in perfect conditions to be used.

  • Pressure groups maintenance, cisterns, automatic doors, door openers and antennas. 

  • Maintenance of common areas: the maintenance and conservation of the building are obligations that any residents association must fulfill and consequently our company provides specialists who are in charge of carrying out the previous mentioned maintenance and conservation of the common areas, houses, parking spaces, sport areas…

  • Maintenance of interior and exterior areas: we have the best gardeners specialized in maintaining the green areas and gardens of the community, using techniques, equipments and materials required to ensure the embellishment of the mentioned areas.

  • Maintenance of the fire-fighting installations: annual check including verification and testing of all the elements that conform the fire-fighting system, accessibility, good state of conservation, safety catches, security seals, inscriptions, charging status, weight and pressure of the fire extinguisher, water hoses, etc… A results report will be issued for each day of revision which will be signed and certified by the technical manager of our company. Apart from the basic revisions, solutions for the damages that may occur.

Other services

  • Air conditioner: Experts in fibre ducts and diffusers installation, split type, large dimensions installations with special facilities, etc…

  • Electricity: experts in business premises and housing installations as well as industrial installations, aerial electric lines and underground lines, transformation centers, etc…

  • Paintwork: internal and external paint, decorative paint, stippled paint, stucco, etc…

  • Brickworks: brickworks in general, pladur walls, all type of plaster fixed and demountable ceilings, experts in wall and floor with big format tiles, porcelain floors, dekton, marble, silestone, etc…

  • Plumbing: general installation of housing and business premises, pressure groups, descaling machines, solar panels, submergible pumped wells, etc…

  • Telecommunications: installation of door openers in houses and communities, collective TV and telephone for buildings, office network and local network, etc…

  • Aluminum and glasswork: Aluminum and glasswork for business premises locks as well as windows and doors locks for houses, automatic doors for business premises and communities, etc…

  • General projects: electrical, telecommunications, building license and opening license.

  • Fire-fighting installations.

  • Composite panel mountings: for facades and interiors, outdoor signage (Alucobond).

  • Music and loudspeaker equipment installation.

  • Authorized company for sustainable construction: aided investments for making alterations in order to achieve the reduction of energy and waste costs, ventilated facades, aluminum windows and PVC and LED illumination.

  • Waterproofing systems: asphalt cloth, polyurethane foam, etc…

  • Security and theft control: intrusion alarms, closed circuits for TV (CCTV), security perimeters with the appropriate barriers, etc…

  • Business premises and communities general cleaning.

  • General wood carpentry.

  • Metal locksmiths.